My dearest clients…how have you all been keeping?

It has been a tough time that’s for sure and little by little it has become more necessary to question the narrative that is currently playing out in front of us! I will keep this entry free of politics, however, let us ensure that we invest very wisely in ourselves over the next few months and be sure to check in with me on the group should you need any support – there is the FREE mentoring for all group members if you require it.

So, to catch up! I have been refocusing the Kind Living into a rebranded ‘space’ that will become more accessible for people and more aligned with my true calling as it were, in 2021. I have spent the last 6 months harnessing this skill and creating what I believe to be, beautiful opportunities to share, create and heal.

I have had many experiences and roles in life that have bought me to this point in my understanding that I am destined to be a ‘healer’. As much as I use that term loosely, imparting certain gifts (insight, intuition, psychic ability, compassion and experience) it is what I love doing more than anything else, to help support and guide others back to themselves. I can utilise this skill alongside my holistic practice and knowledge set in all things natural, beauty, vegan and kind living.

Time for me to start sharing my skills…

My hope is that the business will survive after such a ‘drought’ of interaction and client contact, however, this part of my work is entirely accesible online too, which works really well for all those who cant come to me, for whatever reasons.

If you are interested in the new services that I am offering, check out my website and treatments section, see what’s changed and message me.

I am still working on updating Instagram and keeping the page and group running (for now) – but if you have missed me for a while, please do ensure your notifications are on for my platforms and set the page to ‘favourites’ in the page management section when you are in it – that way you will keep up to date with all the latest from The Kind Living news and opportunities.

I will be regularly (hopefully monthly) writing a newsletter around this wonderful new subject area; healing, crystals, spirituality, kindness to ourselves, truths and core values, soul purpose and moon magic, plus balance in life.

If you have read this far and have been slightly intrigued by this new branch to The Kind Living Space, if you would like to have an Oracle/Soul Card reading or need further information on any of the new services and treatments, please email me here and I will be happy to help support you in any way I can.

I have been focusing on nutrition lately and have embarked on a new plan with the fabulous Jeni Rose from Yum Nutrition – check her out here.

I have also spent far too much on new crystals and incense these last few weeks – my new temple space is coming along very nicely though! I have attached below a 5 minute practice to kick start your day if you are interested in doing a tiny thing to improve your mood/day at all.

Hope to see some of you very soon or online!

With love,

Lizzie. XXX

5 minute Meditation Practice:

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. the challenge is to silence the mind.

Caroline Myss

Find a quiet space in your bedroom, or spare room, or even lying on your bed. Take 3 deep and slow breathes in through your nose, hold for 2-4 seconds, then release slowly through your mouth. Make some noises if you have to. 🙂 Then focus on one thing that you you are grateful for. Just one! Think about it and what it brings your life. Who it helps, what it does that is so good. If your mind wonders, then take in some deep breathes again and refocus, on that one thing that is so good. If it helps, write out the item/person/place, etc. pop it up somewhere you can do this activity and it will help you focus on the gratuitous aspects of your life. You can swap over the focus points by writing out others or just thinking about different things each day. Build up this practice to 5 minutes every day and you will start to see very subtle, yet powerful things changing for your benefit – and that of those around you!

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