There have been some exciting new changes here at The Kind Living Space. I have been creating some special packages and refocusing my services to support you in your well-being and healing journeys.

The biggest change is that I will no longer be offering Massage (as a stand alone treatment) Facials (for now), or any other Beauty Therapy treatment.

I will however, be offering a new and refocused service menu of Kind Coaching, Ayurvedic Discovery Sessions, Head Healing and consultations.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

The Kind Coaching packages are either 3 or 6 sessions that delve deep into your lifestyle, life challenges, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks, incorporating touch therapy, coaching processes and strategies and emotional support whilst you implement any changes into your daily routine.

Goals are a crucial aspect of this work, whether short-term or long-term, the package creates space to explore all of the opportunities kindness to ourselves creates. The packages include a Welcome bag and all the materials that support your coaching journey with me.

The other services available are the Ayurvedic Discovery sessions, which include a follow up email detailing your Dosha (constitution) with top tips and information to incorporate more of this knowledge into your daily life. These sessions support any other work you do within the ethos of Kind Living. The sessions also include a free crystal that resonates with you and your journey.

I can offer the Head Healing session – which is a bespoke healing modality created here at The Kind Living Space through years of Ayurvedic, Eastern and spiritual practice using the meridians and pressure points of the face and scalp – these wondrous hour long sessions include a warm, comfortable couch, with pure essential aromatherapy oils for the touch, gentle and soothing music to help heal. plus, a herbal tea of your choice or lemon water to finish.

The most exciting aspect of this change to the business is that I have finally stepped into my power – being able to share years of experience, skill and passion with you all, in a new, fresh streamlined business model.

This allows me to remain connected to the holistic practice I love and within reason, explore future opportunities with this. But, more importantly, I feel like I can focus on and embrace my spiritual abilities to read and enquire for my clients with compassion, insight and intuition. Using Oracle Cards or Tarot, the choice is yours. All readings are booked separately and include a follow up email.

I have loved exploring this new area of my life, the way I see the world around me and how I support and help others to do the same. I am so excited for this progression and I am ready to embrace to challenges and successes of this pivot.

If you would like a FREE 30 minute consultation to discover more about what I can offer here at The Kind Living Space, or you have any questions about these changes above please book online at

All vouchers purchased for Massage, Facials, Nail Care or other beauty treatments need to be used by the 6th October for these services. After which point, the vouchers are non transferable and will no longer be valid.

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