As we head into another Winter, if there has been one thing that has taken place this year more than anything, it has been PRIORITIES. This is actually a really hard thing to fully get to grips with if we don’t have any time to take stock and reflect upon.

It was this time last year I sat on my salon couch, I had a very rare Saturday off – and I was consumed with grief. My Dad had just passed away from cancer and it had literally tore my world in two. I wanted it all to stop, to go away, I wanted to just ignore the existing reality of my life and disappear.

I was now two halves of a person, one who was determined, passionate, un-apologetically anarchist and critically evaluating everything and then I was this other half – and just numb. Numb to the point that I didn’t care. If you know me at all, I care LOT, about a LOT of things! I was not o.k.

I sat there with a great cash flow coming in, a fabulous new salon space, a wonderful husband and son, loving friends and I just felt numb. I couldn’t even send gratitude for what I did have, let alone what was heading my way. It was a terrible feeling – and being conscious of this was even worse!

So, I wrote out a plan ( like a mind map mess on paper) of what I would do to maintain what I already did have, what was precious and meaningful in my life still and what I needed to do to go on. What things really mattered to me? Like, REALLY mattered to me?

How was I to know that fast forward 12 months, I was to be in an amazing position (despite the majority of 2020 being utterly shit globally) with a beautiful @home salon space, that is all up to me to manage?

I still have my beautiful family and friends with me today and albeit that this year has certainly tested relationships to the maximum, the truest of true people who are meant to be by my side, show up, again and again, I’m so blessed.

I’ve made space for new friendships, new clients and new ideas. I have the most connective understanding to the world and the purpose of each life. I embrace change, I don’t fear death anymore and I love challenges that shift perspectives and passions. I feel like I’m living my truest life I have ever lived. There are some positives to all of these challenges!

So….how did I get past the numbness? How did I create a space for gratitude and learning?


I became kinder and kinder to myself. I began studying aspects of this life, subjects that have expanded my understanding exponentially.

I worked hard and read, rested and finally restored my faith in becoming someone who could truly accept that I have nothing to prove to anyone – except stand in my truth at all times, share what I know with graciousness and believe in the power of love.

I have allowed myself to have really really bad days and that is ok. I have made myself exercise, eat good, wholesome foods, as well as the glass of rose and chips when I needed it. I have maintained social contact with my loved ones, I have engaged in learning about Life Coaching and have a Diploma in this now. I have journaled my way through emotions I didn’t even know I could feel and I have stopped – I have allowed peace to enter my mind and silence the world. This is when I am at my most powerful.

Time on your self, is never selfish

I have used meditation, calming apps, crystals, herbology, homeopathy, psychology and common sense to create a place where I feel enlightened, uplifted and safe.

Its not been an easy year for so many, in so many varying ways, and to be honest at times it has felt pretty hopeless…but now I look forward to what I can embrace and will embrace. I am responsible for me.

The spirit of Christmastime, the time of connectivity, family and friends. Joy, laughter, is fast approaching and this is a time to do all of the above and some.

So here at The Kind Living Salon, not only are there some wonderful new services available, in the Energy Card Readings, The Kind Living Coaching and the 121’s that I offer, but there is a lovely collection of Christmas gifts (or Birthday if your a Scorpio or Sagittarius) and this can all be accessed via the website or through private email/message to me.

I offer bespoke packages and can create such wonderful, eco, kind and natural gift experiences for your loved ones. All will include FREE Delivery if ordered between now and the end of December.

If you have read this far, THANKYOU, it is important that I am honest. I love to stay connected. I share the struggle, so others may know they are never alone. We all have to face such losses and challenges in life, so any thing that may help, support or encourage anyone, is always worth sharing.

Lets hope we can all enjoy a part of this festive season with a renewed optimism and knowledge for the future and believe in the kindness of others, but most importantly be kind to yourselves.