Its been a while…but The kind Living Salon has been busy. We are officially set up in a new beauty space at The Royal Hotel on Weston sea front. A beautiful location with plenty of space and facilities to take the business to the next level. I am so excited about the next 12 months and what the new clients, products and projects will bring to the business and the community.

I have been contemplating some journal ideas and have had some amazing responses from a networking group I am a part of, as to topics and subjects worth discussing or writing about. I have had so many so I am going to start with the one I feel most passionately about at the moment.

My Mission: The Sustainable Beauty Story…why we should care.

About 3 years ago I had just had my baby boy, felt very low and had no idea how to move forward. I read somewhere that my psychological wellbeing was directly linked to my gut biome and that was that…a years worth of research into the vegan, whole food, chemical free and sustainable way of living – the natural way to be human, and I made some significant lifestyle changes to that of my own and my family’s. And still am.

As a beauty and holistic therapist I meet a lot of people who really want to invest in themselves and their wellbeing – albeit in a misdirected way – we have the media, magazines and history to thank for this one. My mission is to bring back the focus on beauty and well-being treatments and services, being based on the natural benefits, the sustainability of the products and processes used and the health benefits of this in the long term. Not just the aesthetic and unrealistic standard that we seem to be encouraged to aspire to.

Natural beauty is a difficult ‘nut to crack’, some services require disposable consumables, some products wont give the same results without the chemicals or toxic ingredients, so when a client wants it to be result driven, there is a barrier to doing what’s best for that persons health and wellbeing, alongside the ethical and environmental benefits.

I have researched extensively over the last couple of years, how to shift the process of delivering high-end and high standard beauty and holistic treatments to all, without causing any harm to an animal, a human or the planet. Overall, a lot of things have changed. I have managed to create less waste, less chemicals and toxins, less money and energy being wasted and overall great results. There are a few areas of the salon space that is still conscientiously moving towards a sustainable alternative, however, the next phase will see this happen more likely 100% – due to the environment in which The Kind Living Salon will move in to. The dream ‘hub’ is going to happen…one day!

Beauty Therapy can give back. An industry that has taken so much from so many areas of the system. The Earth has provided so much for the development of our vanity, ego’s and image obsessive world, that the process of returning to the ‘roots’ (excuse the pun) would make sense. Lower the carbon footprint, reuse where possible, recycle as much as is possible, lower waste, use biodegradable products, toxic and chemical free treatments and be conscious of the ethical shift within the field. Nature has always had all the answers, we just didn’t listen or if we did, we desired the monetary benefits of providing these services more than the damage it would cause. The ethical compass was all wrong, in many areas it still is.

It can be daunting giving up petro chemicals, Sulphates, industry standard products, that we have become to depend upon for our appearance and health matters. Especially in products such as mascara – organic mascara has not had a 5* reputation until now. The Zao Make up range that I use and sell, is petro chemical free amongst many other wonderfully eco conscious attributes, the company strives to keep ahead of the game in producing amazingly professional make up that works and does not harm and it is good for you too.

Another deterrent for consumers may be that natural, organic ranges seem a bit more expensive at first, when investing in a new range, however, when you compare prices to the most common high street brands, the benefits of the ingredients, product production, etc. far out way the extra pound or two that you invest in a company who cares. Always worth saving for in the long run.

Ethical business can be successful and is now proving a very competitive angle for main stream corporations, who wish to shift their ethical compass to one which can demonstrate a considerate and positive impact on themselves, the animals and planet whilst moving forward. Ethical businesses like The Kind Living Salon and its projects is one of those companies who are leading the way for others, in creating awareness of the changing social ‘trends’, the important issues that effect us all when accessing these services, how to invest more wisely in your health and wellbeing as well as support an eco-conscious choice and creating trust in the result driven game of make-up, nails and therapies.

Knowing, that what we put on our skin, goes in to our skin and leaves our bodies again, is enough for me to passionately share this information to anyone who will listen. I wish to encourage others to try organic (truly natural) product ranges, reassess what ‘beauty’ is, the industry standards of what we should be investing our hard earned money in and on, but ultimately make others care enough about the earth and its inhabitants now, so that the norm in the future is what we have known all along…Mother Nature has had our backs since day 1. Its just taken us several thousands of years to start using what was on offer. Modern Humans have existed for roughly 200,000 years, plenty of time to learn the ropes!

I hope that the positive impact the smallest of changes can make, has a trickle effect in the industry and in our personal lives too. I will keep sharing the mission, the ethos and the dream.

Get in touch if you want to ask questions, chat or come try out the KINDER way for yourselves.