It is now the season to start thinking about your health differently from the warmer months, for two reasons;

Firstly, in the cooler months and as we head in to winter, there are certain processes that our bodies go through in preparation for the drop in temperature and some of them include, reducing the oil levels in our skin and utilising our water intake for heating internally not externally, this is turn creates a dry/dehydrated skin – leaving us prone to chapped hands, feet and lips, etc. Ouch!

Secondly, as winter approaches and temperatures drop our instinctive need for warmth resonates into our food choices and we tend to need more hot meals – soups, stews and pies. There is a load of science behind the seasonal dietary habits of humans across the globe, in particular why we ‘crave’ certain foods at certain times. Overall, the colder months do mean slower pace, earlier evenings, more warm/carb based foods which all leads to us feeling less energised and lacking in certain minerals and vitamins – most commonly vitamin C & D.

Both of these points highlight how we may end up being more prone to catching colds, coughs and flu, as well as gastric issues.

From a naturopathic angle I would like to share with you what my family and I do to prepare our bodies for this, how to manage colds/flu differently from what is mainstream and less damaging to you and yours, plus highlight a few top tips for skin care in the winter.

  1. Get plenty of vitamin C – Kiwi fruits (yes you read correctly) although not seasonal to us here in the UK are available all year round. These amazing fruits literally are the most amazing and tasty way to get your shot in the mornings. Read this link if you want to know more, but they are great for body, mind and for skin too!
  2. Eat as many dark green veggies as possible with every meal – as the warm meals come to peak it is so easy to add an extra vegetable to your dish. Kale, Collards, Spinach, etc. are all high in vitamins which you lack through the winter. Kale is the best if you need a boost or to add to a smoothie to hide it in with a sweeter taste – read here about Kale, my HERO:
  3. Your skin gets very dehydrated due to central heating, car heaters, being inside for longer hours, so it is so important to keep up with drinking your water – aim for between 6 – 8 glasses a day. There are some super handy devices around today to make this so much more enjoyable and doable for busy people – I love my eco-water bottle from here and this looks awesome, it remind you to drink!
  4. Oil, oil and more oil!! Yes I am biased but I cant reiterate enough to my clients that oils (organic, pure, essential and plant) oils are the best things for your skin. Not only do they work on a molecular level of the skin but deliver vital surface nutrients to the cells as they shed and new skin forms. This is turn helps with protection, hydration and the production of collagen and elastin depending on the oils/blends you use. I use the fabulous Pink & Green Skincare rage in salon and if you wish to have a consultation just book in via my website for the hour. 
  5. My last tip is to think about prevention rather than cure – expulsion rather than suppression. When it comes to coughs, colds, flus, bugs of any kind, my first port of call is my Homeopathy First Aid kit for the home, from Helios. There isn’t a health concern yet, that we haven’t been able to treat using the fabulous powerful benefits of plant power. I truly believe that the ‘fear’ state we live in today is creating more and more long term chronic disease – infectious disease is treatable in nearly all cases and there is a growing number of people globally trying to educate and share the ancient techniques of wellbeing and healing. Allopathic medicine has its place and saves countless lives, however, it seems we have a tablet for everything these days and rather than let our bodies work certain things out for itself, we supress the issue and it makes it 10 x worse than before. I have lots of information on this subject so if you wish to know more, just get in touch.

Investing in your health is the best investment of all – it gives you freedom to be/do what you want and it creates a respect for our amazing bodies and what they are truly capable of, if given the opportunities.

Touch therapies have been shown to help decrease stress levels, reducing the cortisol and balancing hormones across the board. In turn, ailments can be soothed, aches and pains can be lessened and the mind can find peace.

Your Skin needs you!

If you resonate with any of the above, do get in touch and as a new client any treatment booked has a 10% welcome discount.

Touch Therapies are Essential

I hope you are all warm and well and I cant wait to welcome you to my salon space soon,

Love x