Recently I have had so many clients asking me ‘how’ questions. It got me thinking that I should write a blog on this area of my work and hope it relates to many other self-employed professionals out there…

Questions like, how do I cover up a break out/eczema/psoriasis?

How do I swap all my current beauty products to vegan, cruelty free, natural ranges without wasting my old ones and money?

How do I connect my mind, spirit and body through touch therapies?

How do you juggle your work, family, friends, etc?

Many of these questions I can answer because I have completed training and experience in these subjects, or because they relate personally to my journey. Therefore, I can offer simple solutions to my clients’ concerns or my family’s queries. But what if you couldn’t answer them? What if you didn’t know, but then felt like you should?

As a professional, this must happen frequently as trends, markets and expectations change during your journey.

Over the years, I have learnt that the most important thing for clients to receive from you as their service provider is the truth. Albeit a polite version of the truth in some situations, like not saying “gosh, your eyebrows are so big and bushy” when waxing, is a good starting point! Or, if when family members are asking why I am spending so much time on a particular task and the intention of my task/goal has to be explained, or else I am just not sharing my time well with them.

On a more serious note, I like to be able to deliver the ‘how’ for my clients more than anything because I care. Always in a truly prescriptive and intuitive manner, not introspectively asserting my opinions. I hope to be able to support my clients in their journey to their own well-being and accept that each individual will have differing expectations of what that is, from mine.

The key to offering good practice and keeping your standards high, is staying consistent.

I have found this one of the hardest aspects of becoming self-employed. Its all about the ‘self’ and how to maintain what you say you do.

Self Consistency Theory…

Self-Consistency Theory was developed by Prescott Lecky in the 1920s and focuses on the importance of the self in the regulation of thoughts and ideas. The basis of this theory proposes that people use self helping measures to maintain constancy (or consistency) of ideas within an individual”.
I love the idea that ultimately we create what we become, which took me a long time to work out and am still working towards, day by day. It can not be rushed, you must develop into your truest self by being your self.
So in conclusion I worry less about the how and more about the why – but why is ##### important to you?
When you begin answering questions like this you become more self aware and therefore can start to be more self – consistent. I challenge myself most weeks to understand why I would want to do what I do – so that I return to my ‘why’ – which in turn re-motivates and reignites my spark if I have been waning over energy levels, inspiration or direction.
I want you to keep asking me the questions – on the how too’s and the why’s and keep working towards your truest self alongside me – here at The Kind Living Salon the ethos of kindness is perpetuated through these questions and ultimately what action comes form the answers.
Stay YOU – Stay TRUE
See you all soon for more chats on all things kindness.