Kindness Kits are a bespoke and intuitive part of what I offer here at The Kind Living Salon. They offer you some time for yourself and access to a variety of products that are kinder and safer for you to use.

Now is the time to truly invest in your self-care. It is a journey and we are always learning about things that serve us better. There is always room to explore new ways of doing things – and with these kits you can truly begin to be kind to your skin and wellbeing. They work from the inside too!

Each product is 100% vegan, natural and organically certified, bringing you the best in the industry – pure beauty wrapped in kindness!

There are 3 kits available and all of them include: a lovely selection of products aligned to your needs, 1 hour Zoom on the area of self- care related to the purchased kit (max 6 attendees each time) and a post care plan 121 session (1 hour ) with Lizzie book here.

If you have any questions about the Kindness Kits please email Lizzie directly here.

It’s Beauty Wrapped in Kindness

The Kind Living Salon

You can purchase your Kindness Kit online here and when you have paid for the Kit an email will follow which you need to reply to so that I can send the correct products and information.

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