I often hear that the lifestyle I promote is ‘too difficult’, or ‘too out there’ for some. Usually alongside, I would miss my this and/or that too much! It isn’t easy to change, but some changes are worth it.

I wont bore anyone with facts and figures in this entry, but all of the information regarding the ‘WHY’ is available for you to read any time you should need to, or you can just ask me and I will see if I can help. It is important to have a focus – and when I changed my lifestyle, my focus was my health and that of my family’s.

I believe that the only way to move this Earth and its inhabitants into the era of ‘peace’ we all so desperately want and hope for, is that every new generation joining this planet needs to be taught how to take responsibility for their own health, their environment and that of others. I don’t think that has to be as harsh as it sounds, there are so many gentle and kind ways in which we can keep these small changes moving us forward, from all of the errors we are still making today. I do believe though, we shouldn’t be making exceptions when it comes to changing how we live now.

“Great things are done by a series of small things bought together” – Vincent Van Gough.

In summary, this entry is rather based on what we can do, not what we cant. I want it leave you with positive and interesting links to factual and practical things you can explore, when considering some positive lifestyle choices.

Here are my Top 5 Tips for living with more kindness and awareness in one’s life:

  1. Be Kind to yourself – this is fundamentally the most important of them all. We need to sustain a clear, pro-active and positive mental and physiological self to make these changes happen in the first place. Take rest, drink lots of water, eat well, be compassionate, be patient and be kind. Have massages and swim, walk lightly and dance. Do things that make you smile. Each day, do one thing that makes it a better day than the day before…and sleep!
  2. Ditch the Plastic! – If you want to help cut down your plastic waste and start reversing the tremendous damage we have caused this planet and its inhabitants, then check out this link https://binged.it/2NtwROF we can also work together at a local level. Use and reuse, buy all fresh produce from local growers. Use mesh shopping bags or make your own? https://binged.it/2x4g762  The easiest switch we made as a family, was choosing a day that we always do the shopping and stick to it. That way you can plan meals better and grab extras you may need as you go along. It really cuts down on food wastage!
  3. Remove chemicals from your home. Bleach, bathroom/kitchen sprays and all pre-made, chemical, factory products are toxic and dangerous. Here is a simple link to the best home made versions that work just the same if not better – with the added benefit of being safe and cheaper to remake/use.  https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/cleaning/tips/a24885/make-at-home-cleaners/
  4. Remove toxins and chemicals from your body. This is a biggie for me. As a therapist for over 17 years I have been exposed, used and loved many brands of beauty and health products. I have fallen for the pretty packaging, the expensive looks. However, it boils down to one mantra in my world now: IF YOU WOULDNT EAT IT, IT SHOULDNT BE ON YOUR SKIN! Based on this mantra, I removed a mass of products from my cupboards. I still have a few to finish using up or give away but I know I now have the awareness about the majority of these products, and how they are not what they propose to be. Sulphates, Lanolin, Petra-chemicals, metals, toxic chemicals that disturb hormones and gut function, were just some of the reasons (after a lot of research and studying) as to why I  will only ever use what my body needs and what is from nature. Good, healthy, organic, natural and cruelty free oils, blends and products with the design that it is safe, good for your skin and body and wont harm the planet still work and have some many added benefits that mainstream products cannot replicate. There is a simple pleasure – LESS IS DEFINITELY MORE! Next months blog will focus on this subject in more detail…
  5. One key aspect of living kindly is to have compassion – in my corner that means not hurting, killing or being a part of anything that does do this, to another sentient being, either in food/drink or products. That means no animal bi-products like dairy or eggs, and definitely no meat! It isn’t for everyone, I understand that, but I also understand that a lot of people don’t fully understand the levels of secrecy, hypocrisy or irony that they have (because most people I know love animals)  told to them when it comes to nutrition or healthy food choices. Specifically, blinding us to the fact that we are so disconnected to where are food comes from! When it comes to compassion amongst others and animals in modern society most of us would be horrified if we knew the truth. In having compassion for animals in particular, we are protected for very serious reasons. Money and power. If you are interested in this topic, want to know more or are even thinking about how to start making those moves towards a more vegan, cruelty free lifestyle, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I highly recommend watching this video https://binged.it/2x2Jtma. Paul McCartney said: “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.”

This months focus has been small changes….so have a think about what small change you think you would like to try? Perhaps a new product range, trying some home crafts and making some bags, or even changing your nutritional choices for a week and seeing how you get on?

I am always learning as I currently have started my 4th module of my Ayurvedic Diploma. This will help utilise my skills in massage and centre my personal experiences of trying to get healthier and healthier through nutrition and exercise, alongside massage and holistic therapies. It is a fascinating journey…

The Kind living Salon is here to provide holistic and restorative treatments – but it comes wrapped in kindness for all and with the hope that our efforts pay off, for the future generations of this Earth.

Hope to see you soon for a facial or Ayurvedic massage and generally some time to be kind to yourself.

Love Lizzie


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