Your body remembers. Listen to your story. Be gentle with who you were and strong about who will become.

I have been thinking a lot lately, about what strength is.

I have been contemplating this due to the many challenges I have felt ‘humans’ as a species and as a collective have had to face these last few years. In particular this year.

Environmental damages, toxic overloading, war and crime and many other things that require strength to overcome. Politics, economics and logistics. Aspects of life that are quite frightful at times! All of these require strength. Inner mind strength.

This last 6 months has required me personally, to call upon strength – wisdom and patience, all of which that I never knew I had, in such a way that I now recognise how powerful my mind is and the connection to the body.

In doing so, it has encouraged me to reconsider quite a few aspects of my daily life that didn’t serve me as a person or others in my life for that matter.

It has encouraged me to connect on a whole new, deeper, humanistic and holistic level. These aspects of my inner strength have emerged and I like them. I want them to stay, unlike many other ‘new norms’.

Clarity comes from the chaos

When we are faced with fear our immune system ‘shuts down’, freezes, then surges into overdrive and this can have debilitating effects on the Endocrine system, the Adrenal gland and your hormones. It is the same as long term stress. Over a long period of time your body resorts to its reserves, hence why, when you are ‘run down’ you are more likely to become unwell.

In my opinion this is where strength comes in. Not just physically, but mentally. It is imperative that you take a moment to pause, reflect and reason. It is basic common sense.

Engage in meditation, enjoy nature at its best and worst (yes, its very rainy at the moment) but it is so cleansing adn restoring. (Did you know rain is full of B vitamins?)

You have to dig deep and find the strength to say NO sometimes and to use your knowledge of your self, to seek out those activities and people who will support you and lift you up. This could also be the time that you decide that you should invest in yourself a bit more than you usually do.

Without health, you have no wealth

So, my professional suggestions in starting to find that strength and self love for your mind and body, would be:

  • Take long deep breaths – breath work is so important
  • Bathe in Epsom (Pink Himalayan salts, they’re the best) regularly
  • Use crystals to re-energise, protect and soothe – ask me!
  • Invest in massage – regularly – or Energy work
  • Plan your wellbeing journey – let your inner strength be discovered, emerge and support your self-care journey.
  • Turn off the MSM as much as possible
  • Sip on healing teas
  • Invest in Vitamins, minerals and immune boosting supplements (WFPB, GMO Free) as much as possible
  • Laugh – lots!

I have found much strength in my journaling. I understand my thoughts a lot more, once they are out on paper. Its always fascinating to look back and have a little read of what was in my mind 6 months ago…it also is a wonderful way to record and review progress.

I like to see just how far I have come!

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Take care, see you soon


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