This retreat day will allow you to switch off and engage with professional practitioners who will share their industry secrets and knowledge on subjects related to health, wellbeing and kind living. Vegan, organic and natural foods, products and practices.

It is an inclusive day for you to learn more about how small changes can have huge impactful outcomes to your health and wellbeing – from using less plastic to eating more veggies – its a day not to be missed!

There will be:

  • Lizzie Salter – Founder and owner of The Kind Living Salon sharing her top tips to kinder beauty and holistic therapies. She will share her journey to date – the small steps and the places still left to explore – whilst engaging you in a personal care plan, massage demo and techniques and some amazing industry myths busted!
  • Jenny Rose – from Yum Nutrition. She will be talking about Nutrition Fundamentals and simple ways to feel your best self.
  • Susannah Bell – Sweaty Souls – The Power of holistic habits and mindset first approach to fitness.
  • Diane Knowles (Rose & Amber)- Why we work with crystals and why crystals work with us.
  • Rita Tandon – Reiki/Holistic Therapist – Emotional Healing and energy work – reading the chakras.
    and more to follow…..

Plus there will be very tasty vegan and healthy food available on the day at from Tasty Nature during the lunch interval – extras such as drinks, cakes and snacks will be provided as part of the retreat. So bring some cash for a yummy lunch.

This day is limited to 20 attendees so be sure to book your place today!

Overall, you should leave the day reenergised, revitalised and recharged…ready to implement some of the new skills and information that you pick up throughout the sessions.

Please do let Lizzie know if there are any allergies/medical conditions that she should know about before you attend and if you have any access requirements.