It’s a collaborative effort to create something different.

It’s also hard work to create something that people actually need as well as want. The Kind Living is providing that service. A little presumptuous – but heck, no one ever got anywhere in business thinking that they didn’t offer something to somebody!

Working with amazing and talented professionals in the field of the Beauty Industry and products, food and accessories, we have managed to create workshops and events despite still needing to start up in a premises. The need has been identified. Education and positive change!

The ‘niche’ market that is Veganism has risen 360% in 10 years (

Let’s just stop and think about this for a minute.

In 20 more years if my maths is correct, clothing lines that are available ethically and ethical living choices will have risen by nearly 1000% since 2008 (even if that’s only at the current rate of growth – if not more) – that’s astounding and that’s based on the consumer demand presently growing that call for all things ‘cruelty free’.

I for one, believe that this ‘trend’ will become a norm for our society and the cognitive dissonance should begin to disappear. Maybe it won’t, but it will be hugely better for all of us Vegans and ethical consumers when eating out, socialising, purchasing foods, beauty products and clothing in line that are available within our ethical stance.

It isn’t about making it ‘compulsory’, ‘changing minds’, ‘making people feel bad’, because in all honesty that attitude towards change and people has proven futile in all aspects of social change throughout history – but maybe, just maybe, a small nudge in the right direction ethically, morally or even economically, will put the future of this planet and its inhabitants in good stead for reversing the damage and suffering caused for so many for so long.

I don’t believe there is a perfect person, nor a perfect way to live. Except we can all try and perfect how we TRY to live.

Any change for the better is good change and it should be encouraged in all aspects of life. Recycling and reusing items properly, making more ethical choices in what we buy and eat, even how we live and work. It’s about well-being and kindness at the end of the day and it should be the first principle in all we do – be kind have compassion.

I will focus on the products and services of The Kind Living Salon and its specific projects in good time, but for now, please read our story and ethos, and observe that business can be done for the good of this planet, its people, and its animals.

Don’t forget to get booked in for some YOU time. Self-care is not selfish!

Be kind and have compassion please.

Love Lizzie xxx

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