What is kind beauty? Well, to me as a compassionate and holistic based Beauty Therapist I get to express beauty therapy services and kindness all together in the same moment.

I can create the optimum experience of time, touch, calm, beauty, management, restoration and inspiration within any given treatment or service booked.

I am so passionate about this, that I can often find myself talking about vegan living, holistic health therapies, recommendations and suggestions when my clients have booked in just an eyebrow wax, it depends on what they ask me! Each client that visits The Kind Living Salon is valuable. Valuable for all the right reasons and creates the opportunity for me to share my passion for kindness to oneself, to others and to the planet and all of its inhabitants.

When I first envisaged the business, I knew it wasn’t new, it wasn’t the first of its kind in the world, but I knew that there was only ONE of me. Using that as my focus and creating the environment in which I wanted to share my practice and develop a sustainable and gainful business, I have been surprised at the growth and the amazing opportunities that have come my way through being different and standing up for the ethos of my dream.

Most recently being shortlisted for the Weston Business Awards 2018 for Green Business of the Year, tickets to join us in celebrating and finding out who the winners are, are available from here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/weston-business-awards-tickets-52797977171

Recently, I was talking to a client about what kindness is, it really is such an easy and hugely rewarding part of human life that should be encouraged at every opportunity. This discussion was the catalyst in writing this blog…how can this help my clients? So, I have listed a few key aspects of what I think should be a part of our daily/weekly lives alongside the theme of Kinder Beauty:

  • Touch – touch therapies have existed as long as humans have. Homo Sapiens were not special in recognising that the comfort of another’s touch helped us with many things, such as, reducing our heart beat and calming the nerves, helping ease pain and restore calm to an anxious mind. I believe that these therapies should be a part of our standard practice in medicine, but for now, I encourage all of my clients to invest in time to heal through touch.
  • Art – art you say? well yes, to me make-up, nails and management of eyebrows, etc. are all forms of expressive art. We create a more refined, managed and presentable version of ourselves using make-up techniques, we enhance our best features and decorate our hands and feet to make them feel ‘kept’ and pretty. In my opinion there isn’t anything wrong with this, if it is done with the intention of contributing to your happiness. Not because someone else says you should have these things done, or look a particular way. Being on trend is being in tune with who you are!
  • Breath – all of my holistic treatments include the opportunity to focus on breathing. I cannot emphasis enough the importance of breathing and the benefits you get when you engage your body, organs and structure with the mind and the mechanism. This process is found throughout the world in Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, sports in general, Mindfulness, Meditation and many more arenas of self care. Why? because we have forgotten how to work with the mechanism, instead we work against it. Stress, modern living, needs and demands have created a shorter, quicker and less conscious breath, this in turn is a confirmed contributory factor in more disease, conditions and body issues related to stress. https://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-5018/5-Reasons-Why-We-Should-Practice-Deep-Breathing.html
  • Time – ah, the ever present issue of time. Not enough time, too busy! I however, argue that we create time for those things/people we most love and cherish. We make an effort when it is fun or deemed important. Yet, we don’t do this for ourselves? I have pondered as to the reasons why this may be the case. Social expectations, work commitments, financial restraints. Yet since making ME the priority, cherishing myself, investing in myself, my mind and my body, I have begun to see (slowly but surely) the best time is spent on myself, so that I am healthy and well, present and able to enjoy all the other ‘times’ with loved ones and do my work to the best of my ability. We need to continue to share these ideas on how important time is to us, our futures and for our health.
  • No harm caused – this last area is often the most sensitive. Its not because I think that my clients or people in general are unaware of the needs of the planet, the animals we share it with or for our own needs, but because some areas of conscious living, removing the cognitive dissonance, can be an arguably difficult subject to bring up. Nobody likes to feel that they have somehow harmed someone or the planet. Or think that they are contributing to the destruction and climate issues we face on this planet. But, the truth is, we are ALL responsible. We can all do our bit. I never try and make anyone feel that they have to be vegan, or go completely organic, or use chemical free everything. That is never my intention. I do however, advocate for the voiceless, the future and for change. I advocate for Informed consent, choices and freedom of speech. Sounds heavy, but the Beauty Industry has a terrible reputation and history as one of the worst contributors to these issues we face as a species and as a planet and I want to be at the front of these positive steps, no matter how small in changing this.

I hope you all have a wonderful festive time with friends, family and loved ones. If you wish to chat with me about any of these areas please contact me and I am always available for a consultation. If you wish to share my link to my blog via my website please use this https://thekindliving.co.uk/

Be kind to you, come and experience beauty wrapped in kindness soon.

Love Lizzie x