For beauty that takes care of your skin and nature, Zao has created for you 100% natural cosmetics, organic* and Vegan certified.

Let the dazzling colours and textures, the extraordinary combination of comfort and long-lasting hold and refillable bamboo packaging seduce you.

Zao makeup is as powerful and sensory as conventional makeup. It becomes really easy to replace your product by buying only the refill, keeping the bamboo casing for infinite reuse.

ETHICAL AND RESPONSIBLE ZAO make-up is respectful of your skin and of the environment. Organic certified by Ecocert* (Cosmébio label) – 100% of ingredients from natural origin – labelled Vegan and Cruelty Free by Peta: no ingredients from animal origin and no ingredients tested on animals. Holds the Slow Cosmetic mention – No ingredients from the petrochemical industry, not even preservatives and nanoparticles.